Blog Post Image: A Cyclotron’s Long Journey Home

Lawrence’s 11-inch cyclotron was opened at Berkeley Lab on Feb. 15 by (from left) Physics Division Director Natalie Roe, Berkeley Lab Director Paul Alivisatos, Berkeley Site Office Manager Aundra Richards and physicist George Smoot. (Photos by Roy Kaltschmidt/Berkeley Lab)

11 inch Cyclotron built by Ernest Lawrence and Stanley Livingston in 1931, patented in 1932.Lawrence lent the Cyclotron to the London Science Museum in 1938. Returned for homecoming ceremony, February 15, 2013.Attendees: Paul Alivisatos (Berkeley Lab Director), Horst Simon (Berkeley Lab Deputy Director), Aundra Richards (Head of Berkeley Site Office for the DOE), Glenn Kubiak (Berkeley Lab Chief Operating Officer), George Smoot (Nobel Laureate in Physics) and Natalie Roe (Berkeley Lab Physics Division Director).

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