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Abuse of Social Network sites: E-Safety for children

Most parents will by now wonder how they can protect their children and direct them to child-safe websites. Fortunately a non-profit site, Quib.ly offers a forum where concerned parents, teachers and care-givers can seek out the advice of experts in the field of cyber technology as well as child development psychology. If you visit this site you may well find that your particular concern is shared by others. Experts in their respective fields will be able to steer you in the direction of child-safe websites and you will have the opportunity to share knowledge gained by parents in your position.

You will probably find that most contributors on Quib.ly will suggest that you engage with the child when he or she does web-surfing and then alert the child to sites that may be age-inappropriate, content inappropriate or predatory sites operating under the guise of child-friendly, or “cool”.  Educate them to the risks of scam artists, pedophiles, and how to use intuitive and learned skills to avoid them. (more…)

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