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Iran – China deal will change the Middle East forever

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 2:05 pm
by Admin
Iran and China are closing a 25-years deal very soon as the news coming out. Economic and military deal.

China is supposed to invest 400 billion USD: a huge investment in Iranian industries and infrastructure development. Additionally the deal will encompass military co-operation between these two asian power houses.

The deal came in a very crucial time. Iran and China are increasingly getting isolated from the West. Lack of diplomacy from US and a strange passive role of major EU players like Germany and France are not only creating an artificial distance among these countries of concern but also shifting world's economic and military supremacy more openly towards China.

Through Iran, China will gain unprecedented access and success in growing Asian market. And it's huge. Alongside Iran, other middle Eastern nations will come and form a new bloc that will let them depend less on US and other western countries. This may be a worrying factor for the US government. The influence and authority US was enjoying till recently will diminish quickly because China will have a lot to offer to develop these countries while US's only policy in the ME is to drive the countries into war and destruction. Contrary to this, China will offer a more constructive role. And there is the turning point.

There are some skepticism about the time span of this deal: 25 years. Many are trying to show that it will let Iran fall into China's pocket. But it's absolutely wrong. This type of long-term deal among nations are often signed. Soon after the independence in 1971, Bangladesh signed a 25-years deal with India in 1972, which many thought will let Bangladesh finally become one of the many states of India. But Bangladesh remained independent and sovereign of her own. Another example, the US established its military bases in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait during the first Gulf War in 1990s and they are still there. Almost over 30 years now. But none of these countries lost their sovereignty just because of the US military presence on their soils.

Although US is not telling anything openly about the deal, but relations with China is getting bitter day by day. A commentary in the Chicago Tribune called the deal 'Trump’s epic fail'. And to cover up this failure, US is taking some actions against China like closing Chinese consulate in Houston citing Chinese interference in America's intellectual property. But behind the curtain it's the Iran – China deal that is driving the American politics towards the Asian Dragon crazy. You may wonder why?

It's been a long many years US and Israel with their allies working round the clock to collapse the Iranian government which they often refer to as 'regime change'. On behalf of Israel, US did all what it could: imposing sanctions against the Islamic Republic hoping Iranian economy will crumble soon, people will revolt against the government and fill the streets with protests, and exactly at this long-awaited moment US will invade Iran in support of the protesters to establish democracy there.

But surprisingly Iran well-managed these sanctions and rather heading to an uncertain future, they achieved progress in many industrial and military fields. Nevertheless, sanctions hurt and would affect the country's economy badly in the long run. So Iran needed a way-out to the free world. China's stepping-in with this new deal opened this door for Iran. The deal will help Iran to further develop it's infrastructure, industry and military power. A business boom.

So while US was trying to choke Iran making it's breathing more difficult, China's coming-in, on the other hand, offered a relief for the Iranian government. The deal holds huge potentials for both the asian nations. And that's what broke America's heart down. An epic policy fail.

Now a broken-heart US politics trying every desperate move against the People's Republic of Dragon China.

That's why US is currently conducting a joint naval exercise with India in Indian Ocean and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is urging nations to join US in confronting China. These reactions show America's desperation to remain as sole authority in world affairs. Bitter truth is, the Asian Dragon now appeared in world stage with it's full economic and military might. The Dragon is burning America's dream in many corners on this planet, and only to increase America's pain, not a single nation is going to line up behind Mr. Pompeo to fight China.

But still there's a way open for the US.

What's that: sanction China, and wait for the collapse of Chinese regime.

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