How to draw a vertical line in MS Word

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How to draw a vertical line in MS Word

Post by Admin » Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:16 pm

Sometimes to write your CV or to put data, you need to draw a vertical line and write on both sides of it.

It’s easy to do it from ‘Table’ option.

- go to Table, then Insert Table

- choose the Number of colums: 2, and Number of rows: 1

- now select the table and go to Format

- in Format go to Borders and Shading

- in the window of Borders and shading, you will find three
buttons – Borders, Page Border, and Shading.

- the first one, Borders, remain here. In the Preview pan
you can click and deselect the table borders. Leave the
middle line. This is what you need. You can choose the
width of this line from the width option.

- click OK.

- you are done. Now a vertical line stands in your ms word

- with mouse you can shift the line in whatever position you

Now start writing on both sides. Line will grow automatically :) .


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