Einladung Geburtstagsfeier - Birthday Party Invitation

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Einladung Geburtstagsfeier - Birthday Party Invitation

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So here we go,


In English:

Dear Dominik,

I would like to cordially invite you and your girlriend on May 30 to my birthday party.

The party begins at 20:00 O’clock at my home. My new Mexican girlfriend Tamara will cook something native,
which is very delicious but very sharp! Bring good mood, we will have lots of fun with all my friends.

I would be very glad if you two would attend my birthday party.

Best Regards

Yours Robert


die Laune – mood

viel Spaß haben – to have fun

ihr – you two (plural, like you two, you guys etc.)

Verbs: beginnen – to begin (past and past participle: begann, begonnen)

erscheinen – to appear (past and past participle: erschien, erschienen)

zu meiner Geburtstagsparty:

der Geburtstag – birthday

die Party – party

der Geburtstag + die Party = die Geburtstagsparty

In German when several words are combined to make a single word, then the resulting final word or the end product
will take the article of the last word. Here it’s ‘die Party’, so the resulting end word ‘Geburtstagsparty’ is feminie: 'die Geburtstagsparty'

zu meiner Geburtstagsparty - to my birthday party

In Nominative form it’s ‚meine Geburtstagsparty‘ (my birthday party) because ‚die Geburtstagsparty‘ is feminine but here
the preposition ‘zu’ (to) requires the case Dative. So how things change in Dative:

for definite articles –


for indefinite articles –


for possessive pronouns –


So now get it clear: ‘meine Geburtstagsparty’ with the use of preposition ‘zu’ will be - zu meiner Geburtstagsparty (to my birthday party).

Preposotions that require ‚Dative‘:

mit, nach, von, zu, aus, bei, seit, bis zu

Adjectives used here are:

einheimisch – native

lecker – delicious

scharf –hot


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