Coronavirus is not a 'military virus'

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Coronavirus is not a 'military virus'

Post by Admin » Wed Jan 29, 2020 10:45 pm

neither an engineered virus secretly developed in labs to use as biological weapon. Officials in China believe a fish market in the City Wuhan as the source of this new type of virus and might have been originated from illegally traded wild animals.

So it seems like eating habits of Chinese people may have had a direct link as wild animals can carry any types of germs that are still unknown to microbiologists. So no one was prepared. Additionally if those wild animals are consumed half-cooked and half-alive, you can expect any nightmare health scenario to emerge. That might be the case of this virus outbreak.

Chinese government is the most well-prepared, disciplined and technologically advanced in current global power and politics. It's absolutely impossible for any western government or group to start a biological warfare against China reagardless of any interest they could have. China is very well known as 'surveillance state'.

So any conspiracy theory is absurd.

Also to keep in mind: there are hardly any western labs where you will not find any Chinese scientist working. So China would have anticipated such foul play long before and have taken counter measures. The virus has it's true natural origin from wild life.

Coronavirus officially known as Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), is a new type of virus that belongs to the family of other viruses such as SARS and MERS.

The deadliest thing about Coronavirus is its incubation period of 14 days, during this two weeks time span the infected person carries and spreads the virus as the person lacks any symptom. The person looks generally healthy and makes his day to day business as usual. This delayed Chinese government to take cautionary measures to halt the spread of CoV.

Last Thursday, January 23, China locked down Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus. Wuhan has 11 Million inhabitants. Now the quarantine is extended to 15 other cities bringing the total number of people under lockdown – 50 Million.

Scary. Like a movie. When you watch the up-to-date videos from Wuhan on YouTube, it scares us all. As if it's a dead city, lifelss, empty streets, bus stops, closed shops. Like a zombie movie. It started in last December in Wuhan and in two months, there's a dramatic change in city life. No doubt, the city dwellers feel it like an apocalypse. Doomsday.

We should take the current Coronavirus outbreak as warning signs of what may come in our way in future, and how we will be dealing with in such an apocalyptic situation, where the unseen enemy is all around us.

Last night it was 106, this morning 132. With every hour flies back to the past, takes some lives with it.

Rather than spreading any misinformation, this is the right time for us to ask our local authorities: are they prepared enough for any such doomsday like scenario?

If not, start it right away.

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