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AI’s transformative potential and what’s next …

Artificial intelligence holds the key to a new era of innovation, one where computers begin to work intelligently on our behalf rather than under our command. It’s an era where technology will become more intuitive, more conversational, more intelligent, will enable businesses to better know and serve their customers in ways previously unimaginable, and ultimately help solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges. (more…)

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How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Everything

AUSTIN, Texas — A panel of academic and industrial thinkers has looked ahead to 2030 to forecast how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) might affect life in a typical North American city – in areas diverse as transportation, healthcare and education ­– and spur discussion of how to ensure the safe, fair and beneficial development of these rapidly emerging technologies. (more…)

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Artificial intelligence framework developed by UCLA professor now powers Toyota websites

Adnan Darwiche’s invention helps consumers customize their vehicles online

An innovation in artificial intelligence that was described in a 2001 paper by a UCLA computer science professor has found a somewhat unexpected application: helping car buyers customize their vehicles online. (more…)

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Free will seems a matter of mind, not soul

A new study tested whether people believe free will arises from a metaphysical basis or mental capacity. Even though most respondents said they believed humans to have souls, they judged free will and assigned blame for transgressions based on pragmatic considerations — such as whether the actor in question had the capacity to make an intentional and independent choice.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Across the board, even if they believed in the concept of a soul, people in a new study ascribed free will based on down-to-Earth criteria: Did the actor in question have the capacity to make an intentional and independent choice? The study suggests that while grand metaphysical views of the universe remain common, they have little to do with how people assess each other’s behavior. (more…)

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Xtranormal: Movie-Making for Everyone

*Microsoft BizSpark One startup aims to make animated movies as easy as typing.*

REDMOND, Wash. — Xtranormal’s tagline, “If you can type, you can make movies,” describes both the company’s mission and how to use its text-to-speech system to create animated movies. The Microsoft BizSpark One member is working to transform movie-making into an everyday activity, as simple and commonplace as composing a text message.

“We want to make animated movies ubiquitous,” says Graham Sharp, COO of Xtranormal. “I’d like to see people using the Xtranormal platform like they use Microsoft Word: just opening a document and starting to type.” (more…)

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