Mr. Berlusconi’s affair

Media is ‘buzzing’ around private life of Italian Premier Mr. Silvio Berlusconi. 

It’s already known or rumoured that the Prime Minister has an affair with a young girl of 18.

The man is matured, so is his fiancée. So where does media find problems seeing them together.

It’s love, and that’s not limited or restricted by boundaries of geography, age or social status. It’s Mr. Berlusconi’s private life. What we want is his good ‘Statesmanship’. That’s it. His love affair is an expression of his emotions. Media should stay far to reach this sphere. 

Other than this, Mr. Berlusconi is a ‘Rich and Powerful’ Man. He has every right to love someone who has the natural right of her own choice. 

What about a poor man’s love? A poor man must be rich first, only then to look at other matters in life. ➡

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  1. audi tt

    Главное не бояться и идти своим путем несмотря ни на что!

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