It may sound a little bit weird…..

Ya, loving a robot, marrying and then? It’s weird but if it really happens. 😈

LiveScience article about romance with robots, the future possibilities, tells the same reasons why humans fall in love can be applied to ‘human-robot’ relationships as well. It’s all programmed in human mind and can be programmed for a organic and inorganic affair.

There can be many reasons that we can put forward to justify ‘falling in love’. It can simply be a physical attraction, a need of help or support, a company, common interest and plenty more. Or it can be without any reason. We just fall in love because it’s natural. 🙂

As technology is advancing in a rocket speed, robots now-a-days are becoming more common. From industry use to serve in the restaurants or to clean the dishes, robots offer a great help and play a robust role to satisfy its master. Note, it brings utmost satisfaction to its master’s attention. So why not to have them as partners in life.

They will be programmed to talk nicely, share the knowledge and emotions, make fun, and bring enjoyment (according to its master’s appetite) and lot more.

Scientists predict marriage between humans and robots in the near future. But what it’s going to make then. Is it only to share a ‘one-road’ life? What about offspring?

Robots came, took the jobs and made many of us jobless. Now they are going to make us lifeless if they invade our social life. One way or other, when we will find no organic human available to enjoy a natural social bond, we will move to the ‘robot markets’.

Reuters video shows the humanoid hotties who can kiss and shake their grooved things. They are just 38 cm. Wait for the full size hotties. They will shake the real humans. 🙂

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