How to Draw Cross-Sections in ArcScene

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How to Draw Cross-Sections in ArcScene

Post by Admin » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:16 pm

Open ArcScene > Open ArcToolbox > 3D Analyst Tools > TIN Surface > Extrude Between. Extrude Between window will open.

Now you need your two TINS (Input Tins) between which you would like to draw Cross-sections. You will need an Input Feature Class, and of course to save your work in the Output Feature Class.


So, let’s get our Input Feature Class. Open ArcCatalog. There in your ArcGIS folder, you can open a new folder (let’s say Myfolder). Right-mouse click > New Shapefile…

Now Create New Shapefile window opens. Name: My_NW_SE_Section (choose any name of your interest). In the Feature Type, let’s select Polyline from the drop-down list. You could also select Polygon for a block section. You can edit your Spatial Reference as well, to get the coordinates. Now click OK to close the window. You are done in ArcCatalog. But you will need to edit your polyline in ArcMap. You can close ArcCatalog.

So open ArcMap now. Add your shapefile usind Add Data Button (if this button is not already in the Standard toolbar, then get it from File > Add Data…). After adding your shape file, do editing. From the Editor toolbar, Editor > Start Editing. After you finished editing your polyline, save your edits.


Now go back to ArcScene. Open it again if you need. Add your My_NW_SE_Section.shp file to your ArcScene Layers. Now as before, Open ArcToolbox > 3D Analyst Tools > TIN Surface > Extrude Between. Extrude Between window opens. Select your two input TINs. Select your Input Feature class from the drop-down list (in our case it’s My_NW_SE_Section). For Output Feature Class, choose any name in your desired folder. Click OK to run the process. And enjoy your work.

Special thanks will go to Mr. Tobias Bieling who, in fact, solved the problem of drawing cross-sections in ArcScene, while the author complained a lot about how to draw cross-sections in ArcScene.

Have fun :-)



*Download the PDF File here .

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Ganz interessantes Program, das wie jetzt nutzen konnen. Wirklich gut..

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