Problem labelling layer properties (fields) in ArcGIS

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Problem labelling layer properties (fields) in ArcGIS

Post by Admin » Tue Apr 14, 2009 2:20 pm

We are currently working with ArcGIS 9.1. We had problem labelling the features (or field names) in different layers. However Miss Kirsten Erickson solved the issue very fast. Here’s how Kirsten solved it:

1. Select your layer.
2. Click on your right mouse button.
3. Go to properties.
4. Layer Properties Window will open.
5. Click on ‘Labels’. On the bottom left corner you will see ‘Other Options’. There you have two options: ‘Placement Properties…’ and ‘Scale Range…’.
6. Click on ‘Placement Properties’. The ‘Placement Properties’ window will open.
7. Here you have two options: ‘Placement’ and ‘Conflict Detection’.
8. Click on ‘Conflict Detection’.
9. At the bottom left corner you will see an empty box with label next to it ‘Place overlapping labels’. Tick this small box. Click OK. Click again OK on the Layer Properties window. You are done.
10. Don’t forget to select your ‘Label field’ like name, age or whatever your data fields are. Click ‘Labels’ again, in case you forgot to do this earlier. It’s within the ‘Text String’ frame.

Have fun. :)

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