All Busy on the Western Front

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All Busy on the Western Front

Post by Admin » Sat May 09, 2020 8:29 pm

Things went aggressively against China after its celebration of 70 years of Communist Party rule, the National Day Parade at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, on October 1 last year. The show of Chinese army's new arsenals – drones, powerful intercontinental ballistic missile DF-41 that can be launched from mobile launchers and supposedly to hit any target in the US in 30 minutes became a threatening episode to many in the west. The Asian Super Power is now a real big dragon.

But truely China appeared not being only as Asian Super Power that day but of World's. The military parade was designed to give the world a clear-cut message. Those who watched the ceremony could feel China's fire power.

The Hong Kong protest started to get more violent.

Protests in Hong Kong started soon after the extradition law was proposed by the Hong Kong government in February 2019. The bill would allow extradition of wanted criminals to Mainland China. It was introduced in April but finally got scrapped early September the same year due to ongoing protests. So protesters demand is met. There won't be extradition to Mainland China.

But rather getting cooled down, it seems protests flared up since the National Day Parade in October. By now world outside China got to know it as 'pro-democracy protest'. Its evolution to a pro-independence movement could just be a matter of time. Hong Kong's pro-independence party HKNP (Hong Kong National Party) founded in 2016 was already banned officially in 2018. But China could smell its coming back during these peak anti-China days and already complained about western hands meddling into its internal affairs.

All busy on the Western Front. World facing a pandemic.

A World without a Leader

Either it was the invasion in Iraq or ousting Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, there was always a leader(s). During the Iraq invasion, it was President Bush, and his western allies was behind him with full support. In Libya it was the duo, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and UK Premier David Cameron. So you would always find a leader to start a war.

But the current Corona outbreak unfolds a different reality. No one is steering the ship. You suddenly see a world without a leader. May be because: no war, no leader. Rather you see a businessman Bill Gates taking the central seat in world arena and investing billions to find the vaccine against the virus. Good but strange at the same time. Where are our leaders?

Some of them got sick. British Premier Boris Johnson got infected with the virus, was fighting for his life. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in quarantine as precaution. President Trump got testesd several times. It would be a chaos if Mr. Trump get a positive for the virus. Hopefully not.

Time is changing. So the climate. So the art of war.

The outbreak could be a good lesson for everyone from East to West, from North to South. There are things from which you can't claim immunity. Everyone is vulnerable, can fall victim. Higher position, money don't make any protection.

An open-hearted cooperation among nations is urgent. Rather than poking other's ass, a disaster management programme participated by all countries will be the best output from the current calamities.

It's almost two decades United Nations taking a back seat from world affairs. No one listens to the organization any more. Ask today's young generation, many may not have even heard of it. What is UN, they would rather ask you. We have lost precious time by sidelining the organization. Now let United Nations play a more bigger and powerful role.

In a world without a leader UN can call every country to ask for accountability and share their expertise to face new challenges which are on their ways to appear tomorrow.

Because, you know: This time Corona, next time Fiona.

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