Bill Gates nano 'tracking dots'

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Bill Gates nano 'tracking dots'

Post by Admin » Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:12 pm

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) researchers have developed 'specialized dye' consists of nanocrystals called quantum dots, to store medical records of vaccination for children in developing countries. The target group is countries with poor infrastructure who can't afford keeping good 'database' due to lack of electricity, hence lack of storing devices like computers.

Developing nations in Africa will be the starting point for these new vaccines as it could be understood from the news.

These 'nano dots' will come along with vaccines such as the vaccine for measles or mumps that require multiple doses at certain intervals and can be detected with smartphone cameras.

These dots are about 4 nanometers in diameter and are encapsulated in biocompatible microparticles. They can remain for at least five years under the skin.

This way a patient is storing his medical data under his skin. And the health worker who is vaccinating the child can read all previous records simply with his smartphone.

Developing vaccines against diseases is great but installing 'tracking' dots or chips is somewhat alarming. You get a strange feeling. Usually health workers keep their records either in paper form or in digital database where possible.

Now, instead of injecting these nano tracking dots, health workers can be equipped with tablets or smartphones, which are easy to carry, to keep patients medical records while working in remote areas. They will need smartphones to track MIT's vaccine records in anyway.

So rather than tracking those dots with smartphones, let them use these devices to store medical information for vaccines. Generally tablets or smartphones can store huge amount of data. Additionally USB sticks with terabyte of storage capacity can be used too. So with a quick look in their handy database, health officials will know when a child received his last vaccine and the type of vaccines. Plus, when travelling to remote areas they can carry additional mobile charger. Easy and done. Why it's necessary to install tracking devices under patient's skin?

Here comes the next troubling thing: what about satellites? Obviously, powerful military satellites can track these nano dots easily. Is that actually behind this medical development? May be sometime later, we will hear Gates Foundation is launching satellites to 'better' monitor patient's health conditions.

Now it starts with children, later on it will move on to adults of all ages. Let's imagine vaccines with 'tracking dots' for the current Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people will need it, so they can be injected with these nano tracking devices or nano chips in other words. So it will facilitate 'better' monitoring, again, mainly in developing countries. Or???

By the way, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the two financiers of the MIT research on vaccination with tracking devices.

Now Bill Gates is funding billions of dollars to develop vaccines to fight coronavirus. Will these new vaccines come with tracking options like the other one too?

We may have the answer sometime very soon directly this year.

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