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Greenpeace’s Apple test

After Greenpeace published a report “Missed call: the iPhone’s hazarsoud chemicals” where Greenpeace investigation found two hazardous compounds, brominated flame retardants (BFR) and headphones containing PVC with Phthalates level over 1.5% by weight, much criticism could be seen on YouTube’s page showing the video. BFRs are very effective against fire and used widely in electronics, clothes and furniture from taking fire. Phthalates are toxic and can interfere with sexual development in mammals, means Phthalates are harmful for reproductive system.


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Recovering Ozone Layer

After the first discovery of “Ozone Layer” over the Antarctic and more recently over Arctic, groups meeting in Montreal this week are pushing forward for a phase-out of HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) 10 years earlier than scheduled. This will reduce cumulatively 18 to 25 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. HCFCs are now currently used in refrigerators […]

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Byproducts of Urban life

Urban life produces severe byproducts harmful to its ecosystem. Sewage is one such example. It is a type of wastewater that includes human faeces, household wastes that drains out as end-product. Developed countries pay highest attention to this issue as not only public health but the surrounding ecosystem, specially fisheries in the nearby rivers and […]

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