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Long-Term Sea Level Rise Could Cost Washington, D.C. Billions

College Park, MD – A University of Maryland study projects that Washington, D.C. city and federal property could suffer billions of dollars in damage if sea level rise from global warming increases over the next century. Potential for significant damage will be even greater in the event of extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy

The study by Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Bilal Ayyub, Haralamb Braileanu and Naeem Qureshi, of the Clark School of Engineering’s Center for Technology and Systems Management, looks at possible long term effects of projected sea level rise on Washington, D.C. real-estate property and government infrastructure. They conclude that over the next 100 years, continuing sea level rise could cause damages of more than $24.6 billion to Washington’s commercial property, museums, and government agencies. (more…)

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Negotiating Better Mortgage Rates

Many of the best real estate investors in the world will tell you that the best real estate deals are often done during times of economic volatility. The most current recession is no exception to this rule.

Savvy real estate investors are able to negotiate much better mortgage rates for themselves in the wake of the Great Recession than they would ever have been able to do in more stable economic times. If you are looking for a home or investment property, heed the opportunity that you have with historically low interest rates and loaning institutions that are looking to quickly get rid of all of the properties on their books.

However, banks are still out to make a profit and they will not give away the information that you need to get yourself better deals. Below are a few techniques that you can use to negotiate yourself the absolute best mortgage rate that a loaning institution is willing to give. (more…)

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Newfangled Space-Propulsion Technology Could Help Clean up Earth Orbit

Some of the most valuable “real estate” for humans isn’t on Earth at all but rather above the planet’s atmosphere, where all manner of human-made objects orbit. The problem is that those orbits are too crowded with dead satellites and debris, making new launches riskier.

Robert Winglee has spent years developing a magnetized ion plasma system to propel a spacecraft at ultra-high speeds, making it possible to travel to Mars and return to Earth in as little time as 90 days. The problem is that cost and other issues have dampened the desire to send astronauts to Mars or any other planet. (more…)

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IBM Closes on Acquisition of TRIRIGA, Inc.

*Accelerates Advanced Intelligence for Smarter Buildings Transformation*

ARMONK, N.Y., – 14 Apr 2011: IBM today announced that it has completed the acquisition of TRIRIGA, Inc., a privately-held company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Financial terms were not disclosed.

On March 22, IBM announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TRIRIGA, a leading provider of facility and real estate management software solutions.

Many of the systems that constitute a building – heat, water, sewage, electricity and physical assets – are managed independently and often inefficiently.  Collecting, managing and analyzing data in buildings provides actionable insight to energy, space and facilities management. (more…)

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