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Yahoo! Answers cover a wide spectrum of Q & A from environment, science, health, arts, pcs, drinks and a lot more. It’s one of the biggest and best of its kind to share knowledge and help others. It’s a great place to realize how the world is getting smaller from one day to the other. The question that you have in your mind is roaming in many minds on Earth at the same time. Currently there are more than 95 million users are active worldwide.

Some interesting questions asked are:

Now Yahoo! Is taking the platform on the go, the next level ‘Yahoo! oneSearch’. According to the website, there are two easy ways to get Yahoo! On your phone anytime: 

   1) Text ‘Yahoo’ to 92466 (spells Yahoo on most phones). You’ll receive a text message* back with a link to Yahoo! Mobile Web.

   2) Type into your phone’s mobile web browser. Shortcut tip: Add Yahoo! to your phone’s bookmarks for one-click access anytime.

*Carrier charges may apply for receiving a text message.

So…. got questions?? 


Yahoo! Answers.

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