Quickly convert units in Excel – like Kg to pounds

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Quickly convert units in Excel – like Kg to pounds

Post by Admin » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:28 pm

The following table lists weight of several persons in kilogram. I would like to convert them into pounds.

Select cell C2 > click on fx

(you find it ( fx ) left to the formula bar or under the Formulas tab – it's called 'Insert Function')

The 'Insert Function' window opens > from under Select a function > select CONVERT > click OK or double-click on it.

The 'Function Arguments' window opens.


Here under Number > select or type cell B2 or type any number manually.

From_unit type kg

To_unit type lbm

Click OK.

Now the result is displayed in cell C2. Copy the formula down the column.


By the way, I have formatted the Column C to get decimlas upto 2 places.

Alternatively, you could type in cell C2 the CONVERT function exactly the way you see it in the above images [=CONVERT(B2;"kg";"lbm")] or [=CONVERT(96;"kg";"lbm")], then copying it for the rest of the cells.

Common unit symbols for Excel

Gram - "g"

Kilogram - "kg"

Pound mass - "lbm"

Meter - "m"

Inch - "in"

Foot - "ft"

Yard - "yd"

Year - "yr"

Day - "day" or "d"

Hour - "hr"

Minute - "mn" or "min"

Second - "sec" or "s"

Liter - "l" or "L" ("lt")

Gallon - "gal"

For more unit symbols, check this page from Microsoft


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