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Invest in Pantos – The First Multi-Blockchain Token System

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:09 pm    Post subject: Invest in Pantos – The First Multi-Blockchain Token System Reply with quote

Pantos is World's first multi-blockchain token system developed by the team behind Bitpanda. And Bitpanda, if you have heard of it for the first time, is a Vienna based Europe’s leading retail exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, IOTA , EOS and many more alongside Pantos.

The platform offers most user-friendly trading environment among all the crypto exchanges. You will enjoy every bit of your time with Bitpanda.

So what's all Pantos about? - Each cryptocurrency runs on its own blockchain. Now you may guess, how many blockchains are there in the cryptosphere currently with one huge 'blockade'. A user can't trade directly between the blockchains. And here comes Pantos with its TAST technology.

TAST stands for Token Atomic Swap Technology.

With TAST, for example, two parties on two different blockchains can swap or exchange or trade cryptocurrencies with each other without having any third party between them. That's how, let's say, you can trade your 10 Litecoin (LTC) for 3 Ethereum (ETH) from me.

Engagement of one of the pioneers in this technology, Komodo’s lead developer, JL777, not only solidifies Pantos as the top research project in the crypto world but also makes it a very lucrative investment opportunity for new investors.

Partnership with TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) in Pantos research programme is a great leap forward to achieving and implementing TAST in daily crypto-trading among millions of users worldwide. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Borkowski, who is currently pursuing his Ph.D at the Distributed Systems Group at TU Wien, is involved with the TAST research in Pantos project.

What cryptocurrencies will do for us? What differences will they make? - We have long talked about 'economic emancipation' but could not figure out how to achieve it. Our economic and financial systems remained 'centralised' for centuries after centuries, only to be manipulated by few mighty players. May be that's why world's richest people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, top Banks like Goldman Sachs are warning and discouraging people from investing into cryptocurrencies, also known as digital currencies.

These rich guys never want to lose their control and power over money. It's not like that, that they don't understand the potentials of cryptocurrencies. Sure they do. Therefore, they discourage mass public from riding this new and powerful road of 'economic freedom'. They fear, the financial empires they built all these years will collapse with the advancement and introduction of this new technological development. That's another reason why no leading media talks positive on Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies are 'decentralized' by nature. They are not owned by any single authority. They are for everybody. Everyone can contribute to the development and distribution of cryptocurrencies. True economic emancipation starts from here, because cryptocurrencies can be traded peer-to-peer, directly between you and me anytime and anywhere without any third party (like banks) in-between.

Now let's go back to Pantos again. But before anything, you may like to know why it is called PAN token or Pantos.

Prefix 'pan' is derived from Greek, which means 'all' or 'everything'. 'Tos' stands for Token System. As the name says 'Pantos' is going to dominate anything and everything in the cryptoworld very soon. You may put a smile on your face already. Smile

So how to get started with Pantos? - You will need to open an account first on Bitpanda. It's free of charge. Currently Pantos is available only on Bitpanda. Other than Pantos you can buy and sell 14 other cryptocurrencies here – Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), DASH, NEM (XEM), OmiseGO (OMG), Stellar (XLM), 0x (ZRX), Augur (REP), IOTA (MIOTA), Komodo (KMD) and EOS (EOS).

As I said, Bitpanda is one of the most user-friendly exchanges and very easy to navigate, very simple to buy and sell your coins there. You will enjoy the 'comfortability' of trading cryptocurrencies there. A rare experience that you will not find on any other exchanges. Even if you are a newbie, and decide to trade on later times, an user account will let you get familiar with excellent, easy-to-trade features offered by Bitpanda.

The verification requires an accepted document and phone number. The accepted documents are mentioned in this article: Verification allows you to deposit money in Euros, dollars directly on the platform, so that you can buy the coins there.

Currently only about 400 Million Pantos are in circulation. Total amount is 1 Billion. In any way, it's a low volume. That's why it's good to get a part of it as early as possible. At the time of writing Pantos is trading for only 0.0400 EUR . Still cheap to buy for new investors.

I am personally very enthusiast about Pantos, also because of the involvement of Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien) as its research partner. It's one of Austria's top research universities in applied sciences.

I feel, Pantos is unique and great research oriented cryptocurrency. By investing in Pantos I am participating and supporting a very advanced research project with huge financial return of investment in the coming future. I am pretty sure about it.

As an investor you may have your own opinion. You might be more experienced in this field or you could be a newbie in crypto world. Finally it's you to decide where and how much to invest. I talked about my enthusiasm in crypto world in general, specially about Pantos. And I guess it's financially profitable project. I also know and understand the risk of investment in crypto world, which every investor should take into account as well. Nevertheless, I want to be part of this amazing technology that's going to change tomorrow's world completely and I believe, now is the right time.

Same to you:

Be Part of Tomorrow's World Today.

Soon smiles on your face will talk the 'wins'.



p.s. If you have missed the Bitpanda link above, you may get it here again.


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