How to show or display formulas in Excelsheet

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How to show or display formulas in Excelsheet

Post by Admin » Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:17 pm

There are several ways to show or display formulas in Excelsheet:

Go to the Formulas tab > from the Formula Auditing group click on the Show Formulas button. It will show you the formulas.


If you click on Show Formulas again (it's a toggle button), your calculated results will be displayed. So toggle on and off (the Show Formulas button) to show and hide the formulas :-).

2nd Option:

Use the keybord shortcut: CTRL + ` (grave accent)

Press again CTRL + ` to display the results only.

3rd option: - to see formulas in single cells only

Select the cell and hit "F2" on your keyboard. Press "Esc" to get out of it.


Have fun :-)


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