Excel: Add an Average Line to Your Graph

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Excel: Add an Average Line to Your Graph

Post by Admin » Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:46 pm

In Excel when you make a graph or chart to analyze your data, an average line of the plotted data gives a better overview of the whole scenario. And it's very easy to plot such an average line to a graph.

In the following example, Column B contains sales information. I will calculate the average of the sales in Column C. For the calculation I will use absolute cells references (with the $ sign).

So in cell C2 enter

=AVERAGE($B$2:$B$8 )

Copy it down the column. The average sale is 8857 dollar.


So your data is ready now.

Plot the graph:

Select your data range (A1:C8)

Go to Insert tab > from the Charts group > click on Column > from the 2-D Column select the first one (Clustered Column)


Right click on any of the average bars > click Change Series Chart Type…


The Change Chart Type window opens. From the Line group select the first one > click OK.


Now instead of the average bars, you have the average line in your graph.

Now right click on this average line > click on Format Data Series...


Format Data Series window opens. From the Series Options select Secondary Axis > click Close.

The graph is ready so far. Now do the final polishing – like adjusting the values for the vertical axes (click on any of the axes > right mouse click > click on Format Axis.... > adjust the maximum and major unit values etc. as per your preference), giving a title to your chart (you can do the title from Chart Layouts that you will get under Design tab > select any layout of your choice :-))


Have fun :-)


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