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Publish online - Excel data as Html

Post by Admin » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:10 am

If you would like to publish your Excel data online as a web page, let's say as HTML file, then follow these steps:

Open the worksheet you want to save or select the range of your data that you want to publish.

Click on File or Microsoft Office button > click Save As

The 'Save As' window opens.

From Save as type: > select Web Page > type any file name

Look, in the image, above the Publish... button you have two options – either to save the Entire Workbook or Selection: Sheet (for current worksheet). I will select the current worksheet only.


But if you select any range from your worksheet, then it would show you the selected range.


click the Publish button > the Publish as Web Page window opens.


Here under Publish as:

click on Change... (to give a title) > Set Title window opens (type any suitable title for your data)

click on Browse... to choose the location to save your web page

check or click the AutoRepublish every time this workbook is saved – this will automatically republish your Excel data after each saving of your worksheet.

check or click the Open published Web page in browser – this will open the web page immediately after the saving.

Click on Publish .


That's it :-)


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