Browser shortcuts that help you to navigate easily

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Browser shortcuts that help you to navigate easily

Post by Admin » Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:28 pm

The following browser shortcuts will help your internet navigation easily:

To open your internet bookmarks press Ctrl + B. To close the bookmarks, press again Ctrl + B

To bookmark the current internet page press Ctrl+D

To refresh or reload a web page press F5 or Ctrl + R

To open the search option press Ctrl + F

To make your internet page full screen press F11. To return to your normal view press again F11

To increase the text size in your internet page press Ctrl and +

To decrease the text size press Ctrl and -

To reset the text press Ctrl + 0

To go back to the previous page on any internet site press either backspace key or Alt + left arrow

Press again Alt + right arrow to come back to the page you just left.

To open the download history press Ctrl+J

To open the browsing history press Ctrl+H

To open the Clear Recent History window press Ctrl+Shift+Del

To open a file from your computer press Ctrl+O

To close the current window press Alt+F4

To open a completely new browser window press Ctrl+N

To open a new tab press Ctrl+T

To switch between the opened tabs press Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+3 and so on.

To go to the last tab press Ctrl+9

To switch to the next tab press Ctrl+Tab

To switch back to the previous page press Ctrl+Shift+Tab

To close the current tab press either Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4


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