Most useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel

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Most useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel

Post by Admin » Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:33 pm

In this tutorial you will get to know most useful keybord shortcuts in Excel.

So here we go :-)

Open a spreadsheet - Ctrl+O

Close a spreadsheet - Ctrl+W

Save a spreadsheet - Ctrl+S

Open the Save As dialog box - F12

Select the entire worksheet - Ctrl+A

Select an entire column in a worksheet - Ctrl+Spacebar

Select an entire row in a worksheet - Shift+Spacebar

Start a new line in the same cell - Alt+Enter


Copy - Ctrl+C

Paste - Ctrl+V

Cut - Ctrl+X

Undo - Ctrl+Z

Bold - Ctrl+B

Insert a function - Shift+F3

Make an embedded chart from your selected data range - Alt+F1

Make a chart (in a separete chart sheet) from a range of selected data - F11

Go to Insert tab - Alt+N

Go to Data tab - Alt+A

Go to Page Layout tab - Alt+P

Go to View tab - Alt+W

Go to Formula tab - Alt+M

Go to the Home tab - Alt+H

Open the Format Cells dialog box - Ctrl+1

Open the Go To dialog box - F5

Open the Create Table dialog box - Ctrl+L or Ctrl+T

Open the current workbook in a separate window - Ctrl+F5

Move to the last cell on a worksheet - Ctrl+End

Select cells (from anywhere) to the last used cell in your worksheet - Ctrl+Shift+End

Add or edit a cell comment - Shift+F2


Enter the current date - Ctrl+Shift+semi-colon ( ; )

Enter the current time - Ctrl+Shift+colon ( : )

Add or remove strikethrough formatting - Ctrl+5


Add an outline border to a cell - Ctrl+Shift+ampersand (&)

Remove the outline border from any cell - Ctrl+Shift+underline (_)

Create or edit a hyperlink - Ctrl+K

For spelling check in selected cells or in worksheet - F7

Expand or collapse the formula bar - Ctrl+Shift+U

For more, consult Microsoft page here


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