How to plot line graph on two Y-axes in Excel

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How to plot line graph on two Y-axes in Excel

Post by Admin » Fri May 15, 2009 9:52 pm

Let’s say you have three data series (A, B and C). Series A contains values that you would like to plot on X-axis against B and C. Series B and C contains data for the Y-Axes.

So you will have three columns. Keep A (the X-axis data) in the first column and B and C in the next two columns. Select the whole data series with your cursor.

Now go to Chart Wizard (you can find it in the tool bar, if not, then you can get it from ‘Insert’ menu).

Chart Wizard has two options: Standard Types and Custom Types. Remain on the Standard Types. You will see different graphing options, like Column, Bar, Line, Pie and then comes XY (Scatter). This is what you need – the XY (Scatter). Click on it.

When you click on XY (Scatter), to the right side the Chart sub-type appears. From there choose the second one which is ‘Scatter with data points connected by smoothed Lines’ (you can choose others as well). Click ‘Next’.

Here you will see your desired graph. You will notice that there are two lines. One looks like regular line, but the other one is very close to the X-axis. You can click on ‘Finish’ (you can format your chart later like title of the graph, legend etc.). For the moment you don’t need this.

So you have clicked on ‘Finish’ to finish your graph.

Now on your Excel sheet the graph will be appeared. Double click on the line that is lying very close to the X-axis. The ‘Format Data Series’ window appears. Click on ‘Axis’ option. Choose ‘Secondary axis’. Click ‘OK’. You are done.

Now you can format your graph, like titles, legend etc.

Example: Follwing is an example of two y-axes. Here you loose weight with days as you run more kilometers. :D


Have fun. :)


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