German nouns without any plural form

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German nouns without any plural form

Post by Admin » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:43 pm

The following nouns are always used in their singular forms, i.e. these nouns in German have no plural forms:

das Innere - inside

das Äußere – outside

das Gute – good

das Böse – evil

die Hetze - agitation

die Unsitte – bad habit

das All – universe

das Web – web

das Geld – money

die Gier – greed, lust

die Milch – milk

das Obst – fruit

die Politik - politics

die Diplomatie – diplomacy

die Solidarität – solidarity

das Lachen – laughter

das Marketing – marketing

das Wandern - hiking

das Wiegen - weighing

das Binden - bonding, tying

die Hingabe – devotion, dedication

das Vorkommen – incidence, occurrence

das Koffein – caffeine

das Leid – suffering, distress

das Elend – hardship, misery, distress


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