Why saving only 150 lives Mr. Trump? Save more.

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Why saving only 150 lives Mr. Trump? Save more.

Post by Admin » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:48 pm

After Thursday's downing of the US drone by Iran, as reports came out: President Trump approved limited strikes on selected radar and missile batteries inside Iran but pulled back when he asked an army general about how many lives would get lost. The answer was: 150.

That means if the planned stikes would took place, 150 people would have been killed as retaliation for Iran's downing of an 'unmanned drone'. That's just crazy.

So pulling back or stopping Army attacking objects inside Iran was a wise decision by President Trump. And honestly speaking Mr. Trump is the only president after Jimmy Carter who is avoiding wars that could cause enormous destructions, obliterating millions of lives in the Korean Peninsula and Iran.

Mr. Trump obviously deserves huge credit for this. When you look at US politics, there are people like John Bolton who would pursue a war with Iran, Venezuela or N. Korea just for any reason or even without a reason. US, still now could not provide any clue of Iran's involvement in the tanker attacks in the Strait of Hormuz. But war rhetoric was already on the table by his advisors. That's a dangerous gambling.

Those advisors encouraging for wars must be sick in minds and hearts. If any war takes place, Mr. Trump will have to bear all the consequences that will come along the war's path.

President Trump needs to get rid of this 'sick circle' immediately.

Giving 'peace' a chance should always get a priority. That means a diplomatic solution to the current crisis. Not military action.

Iran so far kept its promises about Uranium enrichment following the 2015 nuclear deal under Obama administration. This should be respected, supported further and sanctions should be lifted again.

We hope, as in the case of N. Korea, US and Iran will start talking soon and President Trump will take some initiatives personally. And hopefully Mr. Trump will soon get rid of these sick and rogue advisors. It's he who takes the decisions not the advisors.

Give diplomacy a great chance again.

President Trump: ‘These people want to push us into a war... It’s so disgusting,’

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Re: Why saving only 150 lives Mr. Trump? Save more.

Post by Dimitri Koepp » Mon Oct 19, 2020 1:18 pm

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