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16. Sep 2019

December 18, 2016
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Hunt for ninth planet reveals new extremely distant Solar System objects

Washington, DC — In the race to discover a proposed ninth planet in our Solar System, Carnegie’s Scott Sheppard and Chadwick Trujillo of Northern Arizona University have observed several never-before-seen objects at extreme distances from the Sun in our Solar … Continue reading

May 1, 2014
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Solar System’s Edge Redefined

Washington, D.C.—The Solar System has a new most-distant member, bringing its outer frontier into focus. New work from Carnegie’s Scott Sheppard and Chadwick Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory reports the discovery of a distant dwarf planet, called 2012 VP113, which … Continue reading

August 20, 2010
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Asteroid Found in Gravitational “Dead Zone”

Washington, D.C.—There are places in space where the gravitational tug between a planet and the Sun balance out, allowing other smaller bodies to remain stable. These places are called Lagrangian points. So-called Trojan asteroids have been found in some of … Continue reading