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23. Oct 2020

March 1, 2014
by Guest Post

Q&A: Climate change is already here, says ‘father of green chemistry’

Paul Anastas, the Yale chemist widely known as the “father of green chemistry,” talks about greenhouse gases, science policy, Richard Nixon, and being “a sworn enemy of the status quo.”

June 26, 2013
by BlogArena

‘Love and Romance’, the way I feel it: Hossam (23)

Q. What is love? How would you define it? Hossam: I would say ‘love’ is something that has to be from inside from your heart. It doesn’t come out very quickly. People who are falling in love has to get … Continue reading

February 23, 2012
by Guest Post

Mathematician Sees Artistic Side To Father of Computer

This year a series of events around the world will celebrate the work of Alan Turing, the father of the modern computer, as the 100th anniversary of his birthday approaches on June 23. In a book chapter that will be … Continue reading

December 25, 2010
by Pravda

You Are What Your Father Ate, New Study Says

We are what our father ate before we were born! An international team of researchers has found that a father’s diet while growing up can affect his offspring’s future health. Researchers, who specifically looked at the effects of paternal diet … Continue reading