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August 6, 2011
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Six Million Years of African Savanna

*Open, grassy environments accompanied human evolution* Scientists using chemical isotopes in ancient soil to measure prehistoric tree cover–in effect, shade–have found that grassy, tree-dotted savannas prevailed at most East African sites where human ancestors and their ape relatives evolved during … Continue reading

June 7, 2011
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‘Ancient Hominid Males Stayed Home While Females Roamed’

The males of two bipedal hominid species that roamed the South African savannah more than a million years ago were stay-at-home kind of guys when compared to the gadabout gals, says a new high-tech study led by the University of … Continue reading

April 22, 2011
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Evolution of Human ‘Super-Brain’ Tied To Development of Bipedalism, Tool-Making

Scientists seeking to understand the origin of the human mind may want to look to honeybees — not ancestral apes — for at least some of the answers, according to a University of Colorado Boulder archaeologist. CU-Boulder Research Associate John … Continue reading